The Instigator: A Thriller

A mission to topple a border town drug ring turns into a race to save a legacy Cold War operation and stop a corrupt global security firm from expanding its illegal arms empire to America’s backyard.

Jack’s night isn’t going so well.  Tazed, beaten and forced to watch a DEA agent die, torture is next on the agenda. But the corrupt border town police force holding him captive has taken on more than they bargained for.  Leader of a covert group, Jack Burton is a master of misinformation and controlled violence.  And his team is closing in on the unsuspecting cops.

After a last minute rescue results in the disappearance of his high profile captors, Jack’s cover is in jeopardy.  Chartered to right the flaws of international due process, Jack normally works behind the scenes, setting up criminals without their knowledge. Now forced to accelerate a nascent plan targeting a border town drug ring, Jack discovers an astonishing connection to a massive private security firm plotting to expand its black market arms empire into America’s back yard.

But the deeper Jack goes, the more daunting the challenge becomes.  Protected through layers of corporate obfuscation and governmental corruption, Exogen Security’s veil of legitimacy proves impenetrable.  As rising violence in Mexico threatens to spill across the U.S. Border, Jack finds himself desperate for a solution.  Down an agent and out of clandestine alternatives, he sees only one real option.  He must start a war.

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2 responses to “The Instigator: A Thriller

  1. Dan Riedemann

    I want a free signed copy;) Congratulations Jim!!

  2. Brady Gadberry

    Great Book Jim! I can’t wait to read the next one!

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